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Book dog and cat boarding services in Georgetown, KY

Heading out of town soon and don’t know what to do with your furry friends? Book them a stay at the Happy Spot Pet Resort in Georgetown, Kentucky. With over 17 years of experience in the business, our team guarantees that your furry loved ones will be safe and happy while you’re away. We have two different boarding options for your pups while you're gone, we offer regular and luxury boarding! We also offer options for cats as well!

Our regular boarding services include:


  • A 4x15 enclosure
  • If paying credit or debit card, the 1st dog is $25.00, 2nd dog is $18.00 and 3rd dog is $17.00
  • If you are paying with Cash or Check, the 1st dog is $22.00, 2nd $18.00 3rd Dog $17.00 each
  • Two outside walks a day
  • Stainless steel bowls for feeding and watering
  • Basic bedding (if you choose to bring your own bedding it will be returned as is unless you request we wash bedding for an additional cost)




Our luxury boarding services include:


  • 8x10 luxury doggie suite 
  • If paying with credit or debit, the 1st dog is $42.00 and the 2nd dog is $24.00 both in the same enclosure
  • If paying with Cash or Check the 1st dog is $40.00 and the 2nd dog is $24.00, both in the same enclosure
  • This option comes with luxury bedding (if you choose to bring your own bedding it will be returned as is unless you request we wash bedding for an additional cost)
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • This option also includes two outside playtimes a day
  • This also includes two outside walks a day
  • 5 paid nights in our luxury suite also includes a bath (service must be requested we do not automactically give bath unless instructed to do so

If you also have feline friends we can board those kitties too! Our cat boarding option includes:





  • Cat cubbies are $13.00
  • This includes litter box and litter
  • If paying with Cash or Check it is $12.00 a day for this service





If you want to add on to any of these packages you can! We have plenty of extras to be added to increase your pets experience here at Happy Spot Pet Resort! Here is a list of our extra services:


  • Extra playtime-$5.00 for the first dog, $2.00 for each additional family pet if they play all together. 
  • SnapSpot PLAY TIME- $8.00 for the first dog, $2.00 for each additional pet if they play all together. This is one of our favorite extra services since it allows for you to see your happy pet while you are gone! Buy a package of 3 SnapSpot session for $21.00 for one pet, 3 for $27.00 for more than one pet!
  • Extra Potty Break - $4.00 per break 
  • Please feel free to bring your pets food during their stay or buy our meals for $1.00 per meal
  • Personal bedding can be washed before your pet heads home at a cost quoted by us based on size and type of bedding







*Pick up and drop off outside of our scheduled hours will be an additional $20 charge. Must be scheduled in advance.


Vaccination Requirements (Dogs):


We absolutely require that all dogs are current on this one. Often listed as DHLPPV or DA2PPV on a veterinary receipt or certificate.


We accept whichever version your vet gives (1-year or 3-year).


We STRONGLY recommend this vaccine. However, it is not 100% effective, so even if your dog has had the vaccine, they can still come down with one of the many forms of Bordatella. People often refer to it as kennel cough, but that is misleading. Dogs do NOT contract Bordatella from kennels but, rather, from other dogs. So, they can contract it standing in your own backyard if a neighbors's dog has it. Again, we STRONGLY recommend it as boarding your dog does mean they'll be "sharing the air with many other dogs. To be at all effective it must be given 7 days prior to their scheduled arrival.

Canine Flu

We STRONGLY recommend this vaccination IF you and your vet decide it is best for your dog. This vaccine is a two-part vaccine that is given at a 2-3 week interval. Even after only one of the shots, it is believed that dogs have about 70% increased protection over non-vaccinated dogs. A boarding facility is the perfect environment for a breakout of the canine flu, regardless of our cleaning protocol, as it is an airborne virus. So, again, we STRONGLY recommend this vaccination, but we do NOT require it.

Vaccination Requirements (Cats):

Feline Leukemia

Feline Distemper

Feline Rabies

*** We also require that every animal that stays with us is on some kind of flea and tick preventative.

A trusted Pet resort serving Georgetown for 17 years

A trusted Pet resort serving Georgetown for 17 years

We never walk all the pets together because we prefer that your pet gets personal attention from one of our employees to ensure safety.

We charge just like a regular hotel. The day your pet arrives, you are charged for that day, regardless of drop-off time. But, if you check your pet out during our morning hours on any given day, you're not charged for that day. For example, if you check in on a Thursday night and check out on Friday morning, you are charged for one day. If you check in on a Thursday night and check out on Friday night, you are charged for two days.

Call 502-868-0402 today to learn more about our pet boarding services and rates.